Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mr. Benson

 Our sweet little Benson Oliver is 8 months old! What?!? Time can stop now. 
He is absolutely the cutest, sweetest, chubby, fun, smiley, happy, and amazing little boy!
 Benny Boy!
 Little Bubba!
 Chunky Monkey!
He is my JOY!

Parker's Birthday Posse

 We'll call this "Parker's Posse". We celebrated his birthday by going swimming. He invited a great group of boys! And we had a sweet, sassy sister there too. She didn't seem to mind being the only girl!
 And off to Cherry Berry after for ice cream.

The last present was a big box with a safety pin taped to the top. It was full of balloons that had dollar bills in each one. He got to pop them all and get the money. Such a fun idea!

Parker's 3rd Grade Program

"What the world needs now is love sweeeet looovvve!" 
There was a lot of love in the room! They sang lots of songs and it was really well done. Parker is a typical boy where he just sings and does what he is supposed to and doesn't get too excited about the whole thing. 
They all had to wear a white shirt and the one he had in his drawer was pitiful. I ran to Wal-mart the night before and found him one. He loved it and said it looked like something Grandpa Blackwell would wear to go golfing! There were probably over 100 kids and there was one boy in front who had on a black shirt! Oh man, that sounds like something I would pull...Lol! I've totally been THAT mom before!

Crazy Kids!

 One night before bed all the kids were laying on the floor. They were silly and always indulge me when I see a good photo op. I think these pictures show what a little ham bone Spencer is. And that Benson was tired and had enough by the end of it!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lost Art?

Has blogging become a lost art? I feel really bad sometimes because the boys will pull out their scrapbooks and Mataya will ask where is her scrapbook. Then it gets akward and I try to change the subject, because no such scrapbook exists! And then I start to feel bad and down and then I remember that I have this little ol' blog and it contains lots of good Mataya pictures and stories and fun memories. I really lost my love of blogging last year when I was stressed to the max and prego to the max, but now that my parents are in New Zealand for the next 17 months I really have found my love of it again. And I really enjoy documenting our lives. I have journals for all four of the kids that I try to write in every Sunday. Sometimes it's just a short paragraph or a funny conversation. But I will say the few things I have written down I absolutely treasure! So the little things today and so fun to read about later on down the years.
 We finally had a birthday party for Parker. He invited some friends for a fun outing of swimming and ice cream. This picture was what he used for his invitation. I just love how this kid is so fearless at putting himself out there in the name of fun times!
 Trying to get a picture of him "flying through the air" went fabulous as you can see!

Friday, April 19, 2013

St. George Fun!

 Cool kid eating a corn dog.

 Driving into the middle of nowhere trying to find dinosaur tracks. You can see I was thrilled about it!

 The red sand was very cool though!
 Victory! We found the dinosaur tracks.

 Big and little dino boys!

 I thought this was great! I love President Hinckley! This was a sticker on the door of the restaurant we ate dinner at.
 Swimming: not impressed....haha!
Cute little chunk in the desert!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

These boys...

 This little character comes waltzing in the kitchen on Sunday. All casual like I haven't asked him 12 times to do up his top button, put on a tie, and tuck in his shirt. I just had to laugh and take a few pictures.

 And our disaster house as we are trying to get out the door for 9 o'clock church...Brutal! Haha!
 They each took turns wearing some old glasses of Cory's. I asked Parker what was up with the t-rex arms in this one.

So I turned off the comments on my blog. I get the feeling that blogs are so 2009! And not a lot of people comment or even blog anymore. 
I have found my love of blogging again...oh and my parents are in New Zealand and this is a good way for them to see my little goofball children's lives!